Xen Strength Yoga with Danielle Diamond DVD

At last, you can get the intense calorie burn you want, without sacrificing the elements of yoga you love. Xen Strength strategically incorporates light weights into a playful Vinyasa flow, for a program designed to sculpt, lengthen, and challenge, every muscle group. In this DVD, Xen Strength founder, Danielle Diamond, guides you through each pose with precise alignment cues and detailed demonstration. She inspires you to work toward your edge and challenge yourself, while still honoring your current skill level. Xen Strength integrates the five essential training elements recommended by fitness professionals: flexibility, strength, balance, core and aerobic fitness. Proven results you can expect from this powerhouse combination: Increased endurance and energy Increased muscle mass and bone density Increased flexibility and mental focus This DVD includes 3 segments that can stand alone or be combined for an all over body transforming routine: 1. A rigorous warm up prepares you for a blasting upper-body and core strength training session 2. Intense core moves deliver balance training, functional fitness, and a slimming detox, twist routine 3. The bottom line routine melts inches off your glutes, lifts your butt and lengthens and tones your legs, ending with a restorative cool down Includes modifications for beginners.
Dimensions: 60 x 530 x 750
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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