Fitness Republic Yogalates DVD, Combination of Yoga and Pilates (Fitness DVDs)

Ever tried Pilates in combination with traditional Yoga? The Fitness Republic Yogalates DVD is the guide to get. The Yogalates DVD will help you trim and tone your body while providing you a calm and balanced feeling with a sensation of peace, strength and tranquility in mind and body. Follow the directions as instructed by certified yoga and Pilates' instructor Nicole Kantas and focus on the meditational and flexibility of yoga in fusion with strengthening the core. Unite your mind and body and gain utter relaxation with Yogalates. Yogalates DVD caters you with a full workout routine. It customizes the poses for beginners and advanced learners separately. Enjoy your Yogalates workout in the comfort of your own time and space with our DVD. It will make you fall in love with the sensations of breath and body movements. Get the Yogalates DVD now and break through the vicious cycle of everyday stress
Dimensions: 80 x 590 x 890
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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