Path of Yoga Blocks & Straps! High Density EVA Foam Block Deepens Poses, Improves Strength, Balance & Flexibility - Lightweight, Odor Resistant (Purple & Blue, 4 blocks 2 straps)

How do Yoga Blocks help? Blocks and straps are essential tools in yoga, especially in the beginning if you're not so flexible. Blocks assist with the distance between the body and the ground thus make your moves and poses easier and more comfortable. Blocks provide a firm and stable surface and support for challenging or difficult poses. Our yoga blocks are made of eco-friendly EVA foam, which is extremely lightweight yet incredibly firm giving you great balance. With our blocks, you will be able to reach deeper into your poses with correct form and alignment with stable support. How does the Strap help? The strap provides helpful assistance for holding the poses longer and with greater comfort. The strap reduces the risk of pulling muscles and other injuries and increase the flexibility level of your body. Whether you're struggling to reach your feet or grasp hands in certain poses, a strap enables you to bridge the gap and work on deepening your flexibility over time and giving you greater stability. Our straps are made from 100% non-stretch durable cotton.
Dimensions: 550 x 700 x 1800
Size: 4 blocks 2 straps
Color: Purple & Blue
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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